Insomniacs Love Lestat’s!

Lestat’s Coffee Houses
3343 Adams Ave. in Normal Heights, 619-282-0437
4496 Park Blvd. in University Heights, 619-501-6638
new in 2016: 1045 University Ave., between 10th & Vermont
San Diego, CA 92116
www.lestats.comQueens for a day at Lestat's on Park

Going crazy because you can’t sleep? No problem, grab your laptop & head to Lestat’s in the middle of the night (all are open 24 hours, 7 days a week). Lestat’s is what I would call a true coffee house. Don’t ask me why, maybe I’ve just seen too many movies where the main character haunts coffee shops that look like Lestat’s. Or, maybe it’s because both remind me of several coffee houses in North Beach, San Francisco. It doesn’t matter, just go! But you don’t have to go at 3:00a.m. There’s always good coffee, desserts & ambience, whether you’re with a friend or alone. Their self-serve coffee pumps offer dark roast coffees like Wild Cat, Black Tiger or even a decent decaf called Magic Noire. (There are other roasts, I just prefer the darker ones.)

But if you’re meeting a friend, make sure your friend knows which Lestat’s. This happened to Helen & me, when she went to Lestat’s on Adams while I was waiting at Lestat’s on Park. Thank goodness for cell phones!

Lestat’s on Adams Ave. offers music or comedy next door at Lestat’s West. The schedule isn’t on their website at the moment, but in general you can count on music Monday & Wednesday-Sunday, Tuesday is comedy night. Monday & Tuesday are free open mic nights, the rest of the week there’s a small fee at the door (around $10, cash only).

Lestat’s on Park Blvd. is my favorite, though. No entertainment there, but who needs entertainment when I can don a crown & sit in one of their red throne chairs? (see photo)


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