The Magic of Nitro Coffee

West Bean Coffee Roasters
2820 Historic Decatur Rd.
Liberty Public Market
San Diego, CA 92106
619-542-9142 (downtown location)

Nitro coffee is served in a goblet at their downtown store.

Nitro coffee is served in a goblet at their downtown store.

Perhaps you’ve heard the buzz about nitro coffee, but like me, you don’t really understand what it is. The word “nitro” doesn’t sound like something safe to drink (a little like drinking cleaning fluid), but when it’s infused in coffee magic happens! First of all, you’re not going to buy a bottle of nitrogen to put a splash in your coffee. It’s a colorless, odorless gas that is shot through a tap to make the magic happen. Somehow when nitrogen meets the black cold brew coffee at West Bean Coffee a creamy rich texture with the illusion of cream results. Look at the photo to the right & surely you’ll think that this isn’t just a goblet of black coffee. It is, but it isn’t…it is black coffee with the invisible addition of nitrogen.

There’s a double meaning to my use of the word “buzz” above. Cold brew coffee has more caffeine than standard drip coffee. Another magic trick? No, it’s simply the fact that cold brew coffee has a higher bean to water ratio & takes at least 24 hours to brew. Don’t be confused by the word “brew” as it doesn’t brew with heat, it just sits in water for around 24 hours. Here’s a recipe to try at home: But it’s much easier to go to West Bean for theirs. In fact, you can buy a growler of their cold brew coffee to take home.

I’m a huge fan of their nitro cold brewed coffee, but they have other intriguing sounding coffees. Take their Long Black, which they tell me is an upside down Americano…I’ve got to go back to see this one! They also have a salted caramel latte, but there’s no magic here…anything combining salt & caramel is a proven hit.

The West Bean is in Liberty Public Market which is in Liberty Station, the former Naval Training Center off Rosecrans Street or Harbor Drive. Go hungry as there are plenty of fabulous food options in the market, but if you go on a weekend there might be a wait. There’s also plenty of free parking here. Their website will give you directions: The website says they’re open from 11:00am-7:00pm, but that’s just when every business will be open. Of course West Bean Coffee will be open at 7:00am for your morning nitro.

Their downtown location at 240 Broadway has even more drink choices, as well as bakery goods. They’re open weekdays 6:00am-6:00pm, weekends 8am-3:00pm, but parking is tough to find on Broadway. Their beans are roasted at 5839 Mission Gorge Rd., but it’s not a coffee shop. Call if you’d like to schedule a tour: 425-359-7565.

Very friendly baristas will explain the nitro coffee process if you're still confused.

Very friendly baristas will explain the nitro coffee process if you’re still confused.

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