Our Craft Coffee Community

Coava Coffee Roasters
400 W. Broadway (at Columbia)
San Diego, CA 92101

When Portland’s Coava Coffee Roasters went looking for a 2nd location they chose San Diego over the bigger markets in San Francisco & LA. Why? According to their website it’s because we are a “burgeoning craft coffee community”.  Yet according to one of their San Diego baristas, “San Francisco is overloaded with craft coffee & no one wanted to move to LA!” Whatever the reason, it’s nice to be recognized for our craft coffee scene.

Coava offers traditional drip coffees, espresso options, pour overs, cold brew, & nitro infused coffee. I had a cortado, or a shot of espresso with equal amounts of hot milk & a little froth on top. I think of it as a short cappuccino, although that’s not an official description. Their version was just what I needed for a quick afternoon pick-me-up!

Chemex pour over

Coava coffee choices

Should you want a beverage other than coffee, they offer select juices, tea, wine, and beer. They also offer pastries, parfaits, sandwiches, salads, and soups.

Wednesdays at 11:00am they host a free coffee cupping  experience. No reservations are needed, unless you’re coming with a large group. Cupping is the professional
practice of smelling, then slurping coffee when evaluating for purchase or in competition. It’s also offered just for the enjoyment, as they do at Coava & other roasters in town.

So what does Coava mean? We were told it was the first written word found for coffee beans. I didn’t verify this on Google, though…sometimes it’s nice just to believe something is true!

Coava is at street level of the Westin Hotel, just west of the court house. I mention this as it’s a perfect stop from the trolley on your way to jury duty. Get a cup of strong coffee before being bored to tears while waiting in the jury pool!

They’re open 6am-6pm, Mon.-Fri. and 7am-6pm Sat. & Sun.  Parking is a problem anywhere downtown, though. Don’t make a special trip just for coffee, but should you be here on business or pleasure know that meters will cost you $1.25 per hour with a 2 hour limit, but Sundays the meters are free & you can stay all day!


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  1. equipsblog says:

    Sounds like a fascinating place.

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