Blue Bottle Has Arrived in San Diego

One Paseo Place
3725 Paseo Place, Unit 1060
San Diego, CA 92130
open 7AM to 7PM
Blue Bottle Coffee was started in early 2000s, but they have grown to a network of cafes across the United States and Japan. One week ago, San Diego got their first Blue Bottle. So, of course, off we went to investigate.

Look for this blue bottle on the building.

The store is sleek, modern, and prides itself in the presentation of its coffee with a Japanese sensibility.

The coffee is made in full view and I watched every step of my Bella Donovan au lait being made. The presentation made my heart soar with coffee delight. I loved the beauty of the glass mug and the art heart and leaf. It is said that we eat with our eyes first, and similarly, we drink with our eyes first in a beautifully presented cup of coffee.

Watch as your pour over is created.

The ambience may not be your typical coffee shop look, but we found a cozy corner to enjoy our coffees and chat and catch upon on our recent adventures. Patty had the Myanmar coffee which had a subtler, less bitter taste than mine. Both of us enjoyed our coffees, the kind and informative employees, and the ambience. 
The shopping area is still being completed and few stores are currently open for business so parking was easy when we arrived at 8:30. 
Be sure to take your credit card as the shop is a cashless one. They don’t have WIFI (also no plugs for electronic devices) as they want to encourage guests to talk with each other, but the mall does have WIFI. 
They host special events to help you learn more about coffee and they’ll be posting them on their website. You can sign up to receive notifications for the events.
They will be opening a downtown location in the near future. 
You can read their whole story and other locations at their website:
Definitely worth checking out!

Their graceful glass mugs are available for purchase.



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