Go and Drink Up the Experience!

The Invigatorium
631 Ninth Avenue
San Diego, CA 92101
7AM to 4:30PM Daily

I’ll start with “Wow!”

This is the first thing we saw when we walked in. See why we said “Wow”?

In October we start our ninth year investigating a different San Diego coffee shop each month so we’ve seen an abundance of amazing spaces (over 96!) and had mugs and mugs of memorable coffee, but this is a spot I loved and won’t forget in a long while.
Our coffee adventure took us to Invigatorium, an East Village coffee bar. Modern Times Beer and Consortium Holdings are responsible for this visual explosion which welcomes and astonishes customers before taking a single step inside.

This fire breathing dragon made of Post-its dominates one wall

Dragons, dinosaurs, a sticky note wall, a gold mirror ball, bar stools trimmed with fringe, and other intriguing decor grab your attention. I was so surprised (and a bit overwhelmed) at the visuals that I didn’t even take a glance at the brief menu before opting for a cappuccino, a personal favorite. It was delicious.

Patty carefully reviewed the options and opted for a cortado with oat milk. (You can select a different milk if you prefer.) It was delicious.

Modern Times, according to their website, is the second brewery to brew their own coffee. Invigatorium has a Modern Times beer bar area too, but opens later than when arrived.

Don’t miss the vintage-looking flooring (with its Consortium Holdings logo) and a visit to the bathroom. Honestly, if I listed all the interesting items to not miss, I’d take away the sheer pleasure of noticing them all on your own.

There’s a surprise at every turn…

Parking was plentiful the morning we visited, but there is a bit of a problem in this downtown area of San Diego as the city has recently reconfigured the parking. The faded curb colors, signage, and meters seem to be at odds with each other. There is 30-minute parking directly in front of the store if that works for you.
My words can’t do this spot justice. I’ll just say don’t miss this fascinating spot. Just zip on over to enjoy the perfect combo of fascinating ambience and a delicious cup of coffee.
Can you tell I love this place?!
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