Coffee Roaster of 2019*

Mostra Coffee
12045 Carmel Mountain Road #302
San Diego, CA 92128
Monday – Saturday 6:00AM to 5:00PM
Sunday 7:00AM to 5:00PM
(Plenty of free parking)

This month’s coffee shop marks our 99th coffee outing since our “official” monthly coffee adventures began. And, what an adventure it was!

When we read Mostra Coffee was voted “Coffee Roasters of the Year 2020” by *Roast Magazine we knew we had to head to the Rancho Bernardo area for coffee.

Mostra is an Italian word meaning “show,” “exhibition,” or “performance.” Across their walls in large and bold lettering they announce, “We are addicted to giving the best performance,” and yes, they accomplish their goal.

Every drink on their menu sounds inviting. I settled for my favorite, a latte, and apologized I was getting my favorite coffee drink instead of being more adventurous. The barista was so kind and responded I should definitely try my favorite on my first visit, but come again and try a little something different on a future visit. Patty ordered Spicy Maya Mocha. Both of us had coffee envy when we saw the Bibingka Crème Brûlée. It’s inspired by a Filipino dessert made with coconut-infused whole milk and topped with coconut powder.

The owners grew up in the area and wanted to share their passion for coffee in the neighborhood they love. The micro-roasting company was founded in 2013 and on January 20th, 2018 they officially opened their first retail coffee chop in Carmel Mountain Ranch. On the day we were there they were doing a booming business.

They’ve had over 400 collaborations with over 60 craft breweries nationwide and some local breweries as well. Their shelves hold examples of many of their beer-brew combos. They aren’t for sale, but it’s a phenomenal display.

Their story is inspirational and you can learn more about them, view their menu, and check out their beer collaborations at their website:

FYI: Their next door retail neighbors are Grub Burger Bar and See’s Candies.

I hope they expand their locations to a place nearer my home!

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