Preserving History While Making Great Coffee!

Better Buzz Coffee Roasters
801 University
San Diego, CA 92103
                                                   open daily 6:00am-9:00pm

It was a rainy Monday morning when we set out for our monthly coffee. Our first choice didn’t have indoor seating so we moved on to another option, but they too offered no indoor seating…not good on a rainy day. We wondered if this was a trend, but choice number 3 had plenty of indoor seating, plus great coffee & historic significance.

Better Buzz in Hillcrest is considered the Flagship coffee shop for Better Buzz Coffee, a local chain that started in 2002. They’ve now grown to 11 coffee shops throughout San Diego County, ranging from a coffee window at the Fashion Valley mall to their corporate headquarters in Hillcrest.
Their coffee choices are a traditional selection to quite creative, such as their Rose Water Latte or a Hazelnut Divinity and seasonal specialties. There are also tea options, smoothies, bakery goods, sandwiches, toast, and bowls. Go to their blog to check out the current specialty drinks or other Better Buzz news:

There is plenty of seating on the main floor, plus a small patio if you prefer outdoor seating. A conference room is available for rent with a lovely wooden table seating approximately 12. There is also a room on the 2nd floor offering a quieter space, but it is not available for private events.

Parking is a challenge in the Hillcrest area. There is no parking lot at this location so bring quarters in case you need to use a parking meter. While there is no drive thru at this location many of their coffee shops have one. Check their website ( for which locations have a drive thru.

I especially appreciate Better Buzz for what they did for this historic building that had been languishing for years. Built in 1919 across the street, the building originally was the surgical annex for St. Joseph’s Hospital. It was moved to this current location in 1924.  St. Joseph’s Hospital moved to 5th Ave. & Washington and was renamed Mercy Hospital. Today the hospital is known as Scripps Mercy Hospital.

Signed: A grateful customer at the only remaining building of the oldest hospital in San Diego!

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