Coffee in the Time of Shelter in Place

In October 2011 we started our tradition of visiting a different coffee shop each month. 
On March 15, 2020, Governor Gavin Newsom called for seniors to to stay at home because of COVID19 and four days later called for all Californians to stay home. Some coffee spots remained open for drive thru business, but many closed completely some will go out of business. 
We’re looking forward to investigating additional cups of coffee in intriguing venues in our future, but we decided to virtually meet this month to capture and document this historic moment.
My thanks to Patty for organizing a Zoom meeting. Each of us brought our own favorite cup of coffee, and in a happy coincidence, we each brought coffee cups we gave to each other with the slogans:  Keep Calm and Carry On and Be Calm and Caffeinate. 
My husband Bob enjoys a cup of cappuccino so during these day of much “no-contact” online shopping I bought three different types of instant cappuccinos for him to taste test. I thought this would add a little variety within our daily routine during these unprecedented times.

I hadn’t tasted his cappuccino stash, so my Zoom meeting with Patty was the perfect opportunity. I tried a Cafe Tastlé single serve packet. It was fabulous and so easy! 
Patty was more ambitious and made herself a delicious French press coffee. 
We both enjoyed a cup of coffee while “social distancing.” It’s not the same and we’re making plans for when we can get out and enjoy coffees again. 
Here’s to the future where all of us can get together with friends and enjoy a cup of coffee and explore a new coffee venue.

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