Coffee Shops by Neighborhood

Coffee by Neighborhood: (not updated since COVID-19)
San Diego City by Neighborhood:
Bankers Hill:
Café Bassam, 3088 5th Ave. (between Quince & Redwood),
James Coffee Co., 2870 4th Ave.(near Palm),
La Marque, 3590 5th Ave. (between Brookes & Walnut),
WestBean Coffee Roasters, 2550 Fifth Ave.(faces Laurel),

Barrio Logan:
Café Moto, 2619 National Ave. (near 26th St.),
Cafe Virtuoso,  1616 National Ave. (near 16th St.),
Por Vida, 2146 Logan Ave. (near Sampson St.),
Ryan Brothers Coffee, 1894 Main St. (at Cesar Chavez),

Bay Ho (off north Morena)
West Bean, 4140 Morena Blvd. (between Balboa Ave. & Jutland),

Bay Park & Morena district (Clairemont):
Bay Park Coffee, 4130 Napier St. (off Morena), 619-275-4000,
Bird Rock Coffee Roasters, 1270 Morena Blvd.,
Caffe Vicino, 2615 Denver St. (near Clairemont Dr. & I-8),
Claro Coffee, 5334 Banks St.(near Linda Vista Blvd.),

Bird Rock:
Bird Rock Coffee Roasters, 5627 La Jolla Blvd. (near Forward St.),

Carmel Mountain Ranch (off I-15):
Mostra Coffee, 12045  Carmel Mountain Ranch Rd,

Clairemont (more under Bay Park):
Clairemont Coffee, 3095 Clairemont Dr. (near Iroquois Ave.), 619-275-2305
Forum Coffee House, 4340 Genesee Ave. (near Mt. Etna), 858-384-6020
85 Degrees Bakery Cafe, 5575 Balboa Ave. (near Genesee Ave.),

City Heights: 
City Heights Coffee House, 4465 University Ave.,
The DOJO Cafe, 4350 El Cajon Blvd. (at Fairmont & 44th),

College SDSU area (see Rolando)

Cortez Hill:
Achilles Coffee Roasters, 703 Ash St. (at 7th Ave.), 415-215-5605,

Del Mar:
Blue Bottle, 3725 Paseo Place at One Paseo off Del Mar Heights Rd.,

Blue Bottle Coffee, 180 Broadway (near 1st Ave.),
Brickyard Coffee & Tea, 675 W. G St. (at Kettne r Blvd.), 619-696-7220
Cat Cafe, 472 Third Ave. (at Island),
Coava Coffee, 400 W. Broadway (in Westin),
Copa Vida, 655 W. Broadway (near India),
Elixir Espresso Bar, 427 C St. (between 4th & 5th Ave.),
Gran Havana Lounge, 745 Fourth Ave. (between F & G St.),
Lani Coffee, 101 Market St. (at First Ave.), 619-299-5466
Nomad Coffee Bar, 701 B St. (in lobby of building at 7th & B), 619-431-5000
Skybound Coffee & Dessert Lounge, 181 W. Market (at Front St.), 619-255-6515
West Bean Coffee Roasters, 240 Broadway,

East Village:
Bean Bar, 1068 K St. (at 11th, across from the library),
Bondar’s Coffee & Sweets, 722 11th Ave. (at G St.), 8858-888-3104
Cafe de L’Opera, 910 J St. (near 9th), 619-234-0425
Coffee & Art, 777 6th Ave. (between F & G St.),
Coffee & Tea Collective, 704 J St. (between 7th & 8th),
Copa Vida, 927 J. St. (by Petco Park),
Genteel Coffee, 403 13th St.(at J St.),
Invigatorium by Modern Times, 631 9th Ave.(btwn G & Market)
The Living Room, 330 Park Blvd. (at the Central San Diego Library courtyard)
Seahorse Coffee, 1301 Market St.(at 13th),
Young Hickory, 810 13th St.(near F St.),

Golden Hill:
Dark Horse Coffee Roasters, 811 25th St. (at F St.),
Influx Cafe, 1948 Broadway (at 20th St.),
Krakatoa Café, 1128 25th St. (between B & C Streets),

Grant Hill:
Imperial Coffee Grounds, 2920 Imperial Ave. (near 30th), 619-518-2378

S3 Coffee Bar, 6171 Mission Gorge Rd. (near Vandever),

Better Buzz, 801 University Ave. (at 8th Ave.),
Industrial Grind Coffee,1433 University Ave.(near Richmond),
Kona Coffee Co., 3995 5th Ave. (at Washington St.),
La Marque, 3590 5th Ave.(near Brookes), 619-550-5397
Lestat’s, 1045 University Ave.(btwn. Vermont & 10th Ave.),
Pappalecco Caffe, 3650 5th Ave. (south of Pennsylvania Ave.),
Refill,3752 Park Blvd. (at Robinson),
Subterranean Coffee Boutique, 412 University Ave. (between 4th & 5th Ave.),

Kensington Café, 4141 Adams Ave. (at Marlborough Dr.),
Pappalecco, 4202 Adams Ave. (btw Biona Dr. & 42nd St.),    

La Jolla:
AT Coffee House, 1298 Prospect (near Crab Catcher),
Better Buzz, 909 Prospect St.(in June),
Bird Rock Coffee Roasters, 5627 La Jolla Blvd. (near Forward St.),
Caroline’s Seaside Café, 8610 Kennel Way (at Scripps Institute),
La Clochette du Coin, 6830 La Jolla Blvd.(near Nautilus St.),
Latte by the Sea, 7855 Ivanhoe Ave. (coffee cart with seating at Ivanhoe & Wall St.)
The Living Room, 1010 Prospect St. (at Girard),
Pannikin Coffee & Tea, 7467 Girard Ave. (near Pearl),
Philz Coffee, 8849 Villa La Jolla Dr.,
Shore Thing Cafe, 8080 La Jolla Shores Dr.,

Liberty Station:
Chi Chocolat, 2690 Historic Decatur Rd.,
Moniker Coffee Co., 2860 Sims Rd.,                                               West Bean Coffee Roasters, 2820 Historic Decatur Rd.,

Little Italy:
Bird Rock Coffee Roasters, 2295 Kettner Blvd. (near Juniper),
Caffe Italia, 1704 India St. (north of Date St.),
Heartsleeves Coffee, 621 W. Fir (near India St.), 619-431-0231
Lofty Coffee, 444 W. Cedar St.(at Columbia),
Influx Cafe, 750 W. Fir St. (at India),
James Coffee, 2355 India St. (near Kalmia),
Lofty Coffee, 444 W. Cedar St. (at Columbia),
Pappalecco Caffe, 1602 State St. (at Cedar St.),
Tazza D’ Oro, 1603 India St. (at Cedar St.),

Midway District:
Local Krave, 3233 Kemper St. (near Midway), 619-359-3119

James Coffee, 4035 Pacific Highway (off the frontage road),

Mira Mesa:  to be explored…

Mission Beach:
Better Buzz Coffee, 3745 Mission Blvd. (north of Santa Clara Pl.),
North Shores Cafe, 3125 Ocean Front Walk (at Belmont Park’s Wave House)
The Swell Café , 3833 Mission Blvd. (north of Santa Clara Pl.),

Mission Hills:
Gelato Vera Caffe, 3753 India St. (at foot of Washington St. hill),
Heartwork Coffee Bar, 3993 Goldfinch St. (near Washington St.),
Kettle and Stone, 1619 W. Lewis St. (near Stephens St.), 619-326-8505
Meshuggah Shack, 4048 Goldfinch (at Fort Stockton),

Mission Valley:
Intermezzo Espresso Bar, 7610 Hazard Center (near Barnes & Noble), 619-296-5282
Demi Cafe, 6110 Friars Rd.,

Morena District (more under Bay Park):
Claro Coffee, 5334 Banks St.(near Morena),

Normal Heights:
Dark Horse Coffee Roasters, 3260 Adams Ave. (near 33rd St.),
Lestat’s, 3343 Adams Ave. (near 33rd St.),
Twigg’s, 2804 Adams Ave. (at Idaho),

North Park:
Cafe Calabria, 3933 30th St. (north of University),
Cafe Madeleine, 2850 El Cajon Blvd.(at Utah),
Claire de Lune Coffee Lounge, University Ave. (gone, but missed)
Coffee and Tea Collective, 2911 El Cajon Blvd. (near 30th St.),
Communal Coffee, 2335 University Ave. at Texas, 619-363-7737
Dark Horse Coffee Roasters, 3794 30th (on North Park Way),
Hawthorn Coffee, 3019 Adams Ave. (east of 30th St.),
Holsem Coffee, 2911 University Ave. (near 30th St.),
Influx Cafe, 3000 Upas St. (at 30th St.),
Nomad Donuts, 4504 30th St. (near Monroe Ave.),
Santos Coffee, 3191 Thorn St. (between Herman & 32nd St.), 619-640-3376
StreetCar Merchants, 4002 30th St. (near Lincoln Ave.), 619-546-9010
Swami’s, 2920 University Ave. (between 29th & 30th St.),
Subterranean Coffee Boutique, 3764 30th St. (near North Park Way),
Torque Moto Cafe, 3604 30th St.(btwn Dwight & Landis)
Young Hickory, 4096 30th St. (between Lincoln & Polk),

Ocean Beach (OB):
Azucar (Cuban coffee), 4820 Newport Ave. (near Sunset Cliffs Blvd.),
The Coffee Method, 4993 Niagara Ave. (faces Bacon St.), 619-737-6375
Java Beach, 4723 Pt. Loma Ave. (near Ebers St.), 619-523-6304
Newbreak Cafe, 1959 Abbott St. & 1830 Sunset Cliffs Blvd.,
OB Beans, 4879 Newport Ave. (near Cable St.),
Tiki Port (officially Pirates Cove Tiki Port), 4896 Voltaire (at Cable St.), 619-213-3984
Your Mama’s Mug, 4967 Newport Ave. (between Bacon & Cable St.), 619-523-0687

Old Town:
The American House, 2767 San Diego Ave.(facing the plaza), 619-683-2416,
Java Joe’s, 2611 Congress St.,
The Living Room, 2541 San Diego Ave. (near Twiggs St.),
Viva el Cafe, 2745 Calhoun St. (in Fiesta de Reyes Plaza), 619-299-2230

Pacific Beach:
Better Buzz Coffee, 1186 & 1909 Garnet St.,
Better Buzz, 822 Grand Ave.
Bird Rock Coffee, 829 Garnet Ave.,
Brick & Bell, 976 Felspar St. (at Cass),
Cafe 20/20, 4105 Mission Blvd. (at Pacific Beach Dr.) 858-886-7792
Crown Point Coffee, 3510 Ingraham St. (at La Cima Dr.),
Coffee Cycle, 1632 Grand Ave. (near Ingraham), 951-363-3066
The Grounds Bean Bar, 1571 La Playa (near Ingraham), 858-230-7188
Java Earth Café, 4978 Cass St. (near Loring),
Koffee Kat, 4750 Cass St. (near Missouri St.),
Kono’s Coffee Cart, Pacific Beach boardwalk (next to Kono’s Café, 704 Garnet),
Leilani’s Café, 5109 Cass St. (near Tourmaline), 858-361-1280
99 Cups of Coffee, 4680 Cass St. (near Diamond),
Olive Baking Company, 735 Santa Clara Pl.,
Pacific Bean, 712 Garnet (near beach boardwalk), 858-273-8918
Perky Beans Coffee, 4750 Cass St. (at Missouri),
Turquoise Coffee Co., 5026 Cass St. (near Opal St.),
Woody’s Breakfast, 4111 Ocean Blvd. (on the boardwalk near Pacific Beach Dr.), 858-272-3138

Point Loma
Better Buzz Coffee, 1480 Rosecrans St., (at Hugo),
Coffee Hub Cafe, 2907 Shelter Island Dr. (at Scott St.),
Kakawa Coffee, 3655 Voltaire (near Chatsworth & Pt.Loma High School)
Jennings House, 1018 Rosecrans St. (near Talbot St.),
Point Loma Coffee, 1302 Rosecrans St. (at Dickens St.),
Portside Coffee, 2614 Shelter Island Dr. (next to Ketch), 619-814-8081

Rancho Bernardo:
Mason Coffee Works, 16451 Bernardo Center Dr.,

Rancho Penasquitos:
Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii, 9878 Carmel Mountain Rd. (off Route 56), 858-240-7077

Rolando (near SDSU):
Clockwork Coffee Shoppe, 4653 College Ave.,
Duet Coffee, 2526 El Cajon Blvd.(near Rolando Ct.), 619-230-5787
The Living Room, 5900 El Cajon Blvd. (near 59th St.),

Scripps Ranch:
Java Mama, 9880 Hibert St. (off Mira Mesa Blvd., east of I-15),

Serra Mesa:
Bear Buns Bakery, 3251 Greyling Dr. (off Sandrock Rd.), 858-573-2327

Sherman Heights:
Imperial Grounds Coffee, 2920 Imperial Ave. (near 30th), 619-518-2378

Sorrento Valley:
Zumbar Coffee & Tea, 10920 Roselle St. (exit Sorrento Valley Rd. off I-5),

South Park:
Café Madeleine, 2248 30th St. (at Juniper), 619-544-1735
Captain Kirk, 2031 Fern St. (between Hawthorn & Grape)
Communal Coffee, 2221 Fern St. (near Juniper), 619-920-7887
Eclipse Chocolate, 2145 Fern St. (at Ivy),
Matteo’s, 3015 Juniper St. (at 30th St. where it becomes Fern St.), 619-432-1879


Industrial Grind, 6020 Santos Rd.,

University City:
(to be explored)

University Heights:
Meraki Cafe, 1735 Adams Ave. (near Park Blvd.),
Lestat’s, 4496 Park Blvd. (at Monroe),
Mystic Mocha, 2105 Mission Ave. (between Alabama & Mississippi), 619-688-0858
Twigg’s, 4590 Park Blvd. (at Madison),

UTC: (AKA Golden Triangle)
La Colombe Coffee, 4545 La Jolla Village Dr. (in UTC),

San Diego County:
Janet’s Montana Café, 2506 Alpine Blvd., 619-659-3874 (ask for Calabria coffee)

Borrego Springs:
Calicos, 587 Palm Canyon Dr., 760-767-7747
The Big Horn Fudge Co, 590 Palm Canyon Dr., 760-767-5407, (closed June 1-Sept. 30)

Cardiff by the Sea:
Pappalecco, 2101 San Elijo Ave.,
Zumbar Coffee & Tea, 111 Chesterfield Dr. (off San Elijo Ave.),

Baba Coffee, 2727 State St.,
La Costa Coffee, 6965 El Camino Real,
Vinaka Cafe, 300 Carlsbad Village Dr.,

Chula Vista:

Agave Coffee & Cafe, 303 H St. (near 3rd Ave.),
Caffe Tazza Coffeehouse, 374 East H St. (east of I-805),
Cool Down Coffee, 750 E. St. (at I-5 exit E St.),
D’Volada, 320 3rd Ave. (between F & G Streets), 619-427-0040,

Tartine, 1106 1st St. (near the ferry landing), Coronado,

Del Mar:
Bird Rock Coffee, 2212 Carmel Valley Rd.,
Champagne Bakery, 12955 El Camino Real (at Del Mar Heights Rd.), 
Pannikin Coffee & Tea, 2670 Via de la Valle (just east of I-5),
Pappalecco, 12925 El Camino Real,
Swell Coffee Co., 2670 Via de la Valle (east of I-5),

El Cajon:
Common Grounds, 315 W. Bradley Ave., (near Magnolia Ave.), 619-456-2783

Better Buzz Coffee, 578 S. Coast Hwy.101,
Ironsmith Coffee Roasters, 458 S. Coast Hwy. (south of Encinitas Blvd.),
Lofty Coffee Co., 90 & 97 N. Highway 101 (just north of Encinitas Blvd.),
Pannikin Coffee & Tea, 510 North Highway 101 (in old train station),
Philz Coffee Co., 1060 S. Coast Highway 101,
St. Tropez Bistro, 947 S. Coast Highway,
Sugar Coffee & Tea, 466 N. Coast Highway 101, 760-452-6701
Surf Dog’s Java Hut, 1120 S. Coast Highway 101, 760-634-2326
Swami’s, 1163 S. Coast Highway 101,

Culture Craft, 1205 Auto Parkway, 760-871-6363
A Delight of France, 126 W. Grand Ave.,
Kettle Coffee & Tea, 119E. Grand Ave.,
Safari Coffee, 1012 W. El Norte Pkwy. (off I-15),

Imperial Beach:
Cow-a-Bunga, 10 Evergreen (at the pier), 619-628-0508
Katy’s Cafe, 704 Seacoast Dr.,

Kaffee Meister, 13227B on the I-8 Business loop.,
Pivot Coffee and Creamery, 9930 Maine Ave.,

La Mesa:
Brew Coffee Spot, 6101 Lake Murray Blvd.,
Dark Horse Coffee Roasters, 4350 Palm Ave.,
Lightbulb Coffee, 8138 La Mesa Blvd.,
Treehouse Coffee, 7229 El Cajon Blvd. (east of 70th St.),

Lemon Grove:
Ryan Brothers, 7801 Broadway (near Main St.),

Cafe Ipe, 970 Highway 101 (north of Leucadia Blvd.), 760-436-CAFÉ(2233)
Pannikin Coffee & Tea, 510 N. Highway 101 (in old train station),

National City:
The Living Room, 880 National City Blvd. (between 8th St. & Plaza Blvd.),

Banana Dang Coffee, 115 S. Coast Hwy.,
Brown Cup, 401 N. Coast Highway (near Civic Center Dr.), 760-231-7968
Jitters Coffee Pub, 510 N. Coast Highway, 760-967-7886
Pier View Coffee Company, 300 Pier View Way (at N. Cleveland St.), 760-966-1150
Revolution Roasters, 1836 S.Coast Highway (near Kelly St.),
Swami’s Cafe, 608 Mission Ave., www/

Pine Valley:
Major’s Diner, 28870 Old Highway 80,

Cappuccino Cottage, 13232 Poway Rd. (west of Community Rd.), 858-486-2008
Nutmeg Bakery & Cafe, 12640 Sabre Springs Parkway (off Poway Road),

Packard’s Coffee Shop, 680 Main St. (between 6th & 7th St.), 760-789-4262

San Marcos:
Better Buzz Coffee, 904 W. San Marcos Blvd.,
Old California Coffee, 1080 San Marcos Blvd.(off 78), 760-744-2112
Perks, 803 S. Twin Oaks Valley Rd.(S. of 78),
Ryan Bros. Coffee, 133 N. Twin Oaks Valley Rd.,

Industrial Grind, 9730 Cuyamaca St.,
Kaffee Meister, 9225 Carlton Hills Blvd.,

Solana Beach: 

Caffe La Bocca, 124 Lomas Santa Fe Dr. (near train station),
Java Depot, 243 N. Highway 101 (north of Lomas Santa Fe), 858-792-4094
Lofty Coffee, 132 S. Cedros Ave.,
Orange Blossom Cafe, 224 S. Cedros (set back from the street),

Ryan Bros. Coffee, 40573 Margarita Rd.,

Skybound Coffee + Dessert Lounge, 1661 S. Melrose Dr.,

Not included:  chains & restaurants (unless the only option) or coffee carts (unless permanently planted)

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